In one of the most controversial stories of the year (and possibly of all time), Apple and the FBI are in a heated legal battle over the unlocking of one of the San Bernardino terrorist’s phones. The problem with this is that what the FBI is asking for, Apple claims does not exist. They want Apple to provide them with a software that can break the encryption of the phone. However, Apple is arguing that in order to do that, they would have to create a software from scratch that would essentially give the FBI the ability to break into every single IPhone user’s phone and/or tablet which is a major violation of Privacy and seems to impede on the 4th amendment rights of citizens.

While Apple certainly wants to help, and has made themselves available to the FBI and it’s agents, what the FBI is “demanding” of Apple can certainly be construed as a violation of the 4th Amendment. The FBI argues, however, that the information they are requesting is connected to a crime and Apple should be compelled to cooperate. As I mentioned before though, the only way for Apple to cooperate is to create a software that does not exist and, in essence, giving the FBI access to a Master Key of sorts to every IPhone in the world. How comfortable would you feel with the FBI having a software that can ultimately unlock the encryption of your phone? With previous reports of our own government already spying on us without this special software, what would this mean for the future of Apple devices? Would people stop purchasing the electronics in an effort to avoid the possiblity of the FBI spying on them?

What are your thoughts???

Below is an article further detailing the trial and it’s details: